No stories of childhood musical progeny. No dreams come true of televised talent shows and instant stardom. Kirsten’s is a story of discovering her talent, hard work and hustle, and an ever-deepening love of music. 

Kirsten started singing at the age of 5 and began studying piano and voice at age 10. Never passing up the opportunity to perform in a choir or as a solo act, she decided to pursue vocal performance at Humber College. Kirsten's voice has been described as one that delivers goose bumps every time. With just one single note, she has the audience captivated and wanting more. But even as a brilliant lead vocalist, Kirsten understands the value of blend and the beauty of subtle harmony which is why she has become highly sought after as a background session vocalist. Her ability to accent a lead vocal with her warm tone and effortless range is hard to come by. 

"Kirsten Rea is undoubtedly the best female singer I've worked with. Her professionalism is undeniable. I've had the pleasure of working with her on a few of my own singles and she raised the bar on both of them. Her vocal ability is very authentic and polished and I always enjoy working with her in the studio. She's such a great talent and I'm definitely looking forward to working with her on future songs"  D'NME - Hip Hop artist  

"Kiki 'Banana' Rea is a consummate pro vocalist.  Her range is astounding, her tone is gorgeous, and she always pushes herself to get the best out of every track.  All the work I've done with her has turned out top notch.  Kirsten is one of my not-so-secret weapons."  Brent Bodrug, Producer - Slyfi Chapel